Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital & Analogue Technology of Hearing Aid?

Digital hearing aids convert sound received by the hearing aid’s microphone from an analog to a digital signal. This allows the hearing instrument to produce the exact requirements for a particular hearing loss; always keeping the loudness at a comfortable level. It also allows for advanced noise reduction features that distinguish between speech and non-speech signals, and automatically decrease loudness of those non-speech signals, if needed. Analog hearing aids, by contrast, are unable to automatically adjust for different loudness requirements outside of increasing or decreasing the volume control. As a result, many analog users complain of having to constantly adjust their volume controls in order to hear speech adequately in different environments.

Is there a guarantee on hearing aids?

Yes, there is a guarantee on the best digital hearing aid, advance hearing aid and also on the smallest hearing aid. The period of guarantee can range from 2-4 years.

How to maintain hearing aids?

Cleaning with picks and brush, dehumidifier keeps the earwax and moisture at bay, thus extending the life of digital hearing aid batteries. But it’s always better to consult the expert and we at VR Hearing Services can solve your queries.

What is the latest technology in hearing aid?

We at Dandekar Hearing Services deliver hearing aid for iPhone that makes every aspect of life better—from conversations to phone calls to listening to music.

What are different types of hearing loss?

Hearing loss can occur anywhere in the auditory system. There are major three types.

Conductive Loss:- Hearing loss in outer or middle ear

Sensory neural loss:- Hearing loss in the inner ear called “cochlear “ or Sensory neural

Mixed Loss:- A person with both conductive and sensor neural hearing loss combined, it said to have “mixed loss .”Another type of hearing loss is linked with the central auditory nervous system, which includes the auditory nerve, the brainstem and the brain.

A person is said to have conductive hearing loss if sound is prevented from moving from the external ear through the middle ear to the cochlea or if excessive ear wax or foreign objects are placed in the ear canal or if fluid gets accumulated in the middle ear or if damage is caused to the eardrum or middle ear mechanism. Person suffering from these type of losses can often be treated by medical and/or surgical treatment .It can become permanent and pose a serious health threat without medical treatment. Sensor neural hearing loss is due to problems in the inner ear and/or neural network. While the outer and middle ear conduct vibrations to the inner ear, some of the sensory hair cells within the cochlea are damaged and fail to pick up the complete nature of the sound. Sensor neural loss can be caused by aging, extended exposure to loud noise, use of toxic drugs and certain diseases. Due to the irreversibility of this kind of hearing loss hearing aids are the most common form of treatment.

How do I Know Hearing Loss? Who does the Hearing test?

If you experience a number of warning sign or your surrounded people tell you are not hearing properly immediately check up your ear a certified professional. Audiologist can do the Audiometry Test. 

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