Technology has seen the greatest leap. And this is visible in every equipment then be it mobile phones, laptops, television or even hearing aids. Today, hearing aids are smartly designed so that you can choose them as per your favorite color, style, and even size. And with advancement, there has been a new addition of rechargeable hearing aids. Rechargeable hearing aid technology is a blessing to serve your needs in a hectic life.

Importance of Rechargeable Hearing Aids
Are you dependent on your hearing aid? And often fear of drained batteries? Then, rechargeable hearing devices are apt for you. Gone are the days, when you had to rush to your audiologist to replace your batteries. With rechargeable devices, you can plug in and wait to recharge your mobile phone. Once the charging is done successfully, then you can use your hearing aids for a longer duration. Overnight charging assures precise hearing for the whole day.(hearing aid ahmednagar) (कान ची मशीन, पुणे, अ‍हमदनगर, बीड)
Besides, rechargeable batteries give confidence that the battery is not going to drain after a night’s charge. The wearer can enjoy a function or moment, without pausing for changing the battery. Rechargeable hearing aids add comfort while cherishing every moment!

7 Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

1. Less Hassle of Replacing Batteries
If you are using hearing aids with disposable batteries, then you might be aware of the difficulties while replacing the batteries. While doing so, you need to open the hearing aid, remove the old battery and replace it with the new one. This might sound simple, but it is difficult for people who have poor vision or limited motor control. But putting hearing aids in the charging case is a simpler task than replacing batteries. And that comfort you get with rechargeable hearing aids.कान की मशीन, पुणे, अ‍हमदनगर, बीड)

2. Easy Handling for Elderly Users
It is difficult for elderly users to commute every time for replacing and changing batteries. Moreover, some might be suffering from Parkinson, poor eyesight making it difficult to open the case and replace the batteries. Due to poor motor skills, they (kanachi mashin)  might drop the batteries and short sight would make it impossible to search. But rechargeable hearing aid batteries control this difficult situation. Taking out and placing the hearing aids in charging case is much easier, thus adding to the comfort for elderly users.

3. Cost-efficient Hearing Aids
If you are using disposable batteries and streaming music or video regularly. Then, you tend to spend the extra cost of buying those batteries. A hearing aid is a huge investment. And it is impractical to bear additional cost for changing the batteries, traveling to the audiologist and wasting fuel. In such cases, rechargeable hearing aids are a boon as they save you from these frequent expenses. Recharge them as you wish and enjoy a hassle-free listening environment. (Kaan ki machine Ahmednagar)(कान ची मशीन, पुणे, अ‍हमदनगर, बीड)

4. Better Performance
Unlike disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries are properly sealed. With this, they do not dry out in an untimely manner. Besides, once you charge them, they have a longer shelf-life and do not lose power in the middle of the day.(hearing aid ahmednagar)

5. Works in Any Weather
One of the key advantages of rechargeable hearing aids is that it works in every weather. In tough weather especially during the cold, zinc-air batteries battle for proper functioning. Less moisture and low temperature drain the hearing aids in no time. This leads to a problem with the sound quality. But rechargeable hearing aids have lithium-ion batteries that can withstand any weather conditions. (Digital Hearing aid ahmednagar)

6. Environmentally Friendly
When it comes to zinc-air batteries, they have to be disposed of after every week. Moreover, they are hazardous to the environment as they release lead and acid. But rechargeable hearing aids are a “greener” alternative. These lithium-ion batteries can be used many times. They also have guidelines when it comes to disposal. And thus, making them an eco-friendly choice! (Phonak Hearing aif)

7. Energy Efficient
If you are using streaming devices or Bluetooth, then there are chances of low battery. But with rechargeable batteries, you will not face this problem. Fully charged batteries have a life of 19 hours which also includes five hours of streaming.

Reach Us for Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids in Ahmednagar
Now that you know about the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids, imagine how many additional costs you will be saving! Easy to manage, longer shelf-life and amazing performance is what makes this rechargeable hearing aids popular. So, rush to VR Hearing Services today and make your ultimate choice. We are just a call away, so request an appointment by contacting us on 9657 588 677

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